Speed Art: Taking Action In The Streets

At One Spark Media, we are more than just an Atlanta Web Design company. We are your one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing material needs. To show an example of what we mean, we sat down and put together a Surreal Photography project that we called, "Taking Action In The Streets". This project was put together to display what can happen when you mix standard pictures, Photoshop, and a bit of marketing imagination.

What Is Speed Art?

Speed Art is simply the recorded process of creating a Photoshop composite from start to finish...but sped up really, really fast. The creation of this particular surreal photograph took around 7 hours of production time (not including the photo shoots). Using screen capture technology, you are able to follow along with the process. In an effort to save you from being bored to tears, and keeping you from watching a 7 hour production video, we sped the video up to 3000% of it's original speed, this originating into a 12 minute video clip with fun music and an enjoyable narration track by owner, digital artist, and author, Daniel T. Adams. So with no further adieu, please enjoy the video.


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