Responsive Design

One Spark Media Responsive Website DesignHave you ever tried visiting a website on your mobile device and discover that the site is very hard to navigate, or you have to zoom in just to read the text? Or perhaps you have to scroll/swipe in every different direction because the content of the site keeps spilling out of view of the screen? That kind of website is not responsive and is therefore not a positive user experience.

In this day and age, where websites are viewed more on mobile devices instead of on large, desktop computers, the kind of web experience mentioned above is not favorable for promoting your business or brand to your target market. So what is the solution? Responsive Website Design.

Responsive Website Design is a method of developing websites so that they can be viewed on any size screen -- whether large or small -- with a positive and intuitive user experience. Responsive Website Design is a means of to build a site using fluid dimensions and grids so that as the screen gets larger or smaller, the content within the site is adjusted to fit proportionately within the width of the screen, thus keeping the site clean, professional, and easy to navigate. Not only is Responsive Website Design a benefit for your site viewers who are viewing your brand online, but it also holds benefits for your business. Google Search Engine has built in algorithms that automatically rank a website lower in the search results if the website has not been developed with  RWD. So why not benefit your brand for your customers and yourself and talk to One Spark Media today about building you an eye-catching and positive Responsive Website.


With technology always changing, so should your website.