Graphic Design Samples

All of the projects we have worked on in the past all have a core; a common denominator that is the backbone of everything that we do. And that core similarity is Graphic Design. So I thought I’d put up some samples of the graphic design work that you won’t find anywhere else on the site. Enjoy.



This flyer is a little special because, not only does it demonstrate the graphic work I did for the flyer, but it also displays the CD cover artwork that we did for this client as well for the “I’m Gonna Live” project. So this is a two for one deal. Double Word Score!


Here’s a little ditty that I put together for myself, but it’s worth displaying here in my opinion. (This is one is definitely worth a download.)


Here is another two-for-one deal; both flyer and CD artwork are displayed on this one piece of artwork.


To see some of the examples of Websites that I have designed, book artwork that I have designed, or videos that I have directed, you can visit this link here:

Thanks and enjoy.



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