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What Is A Free Website Startup Package?

We are living in a day where a pandemic has led us deeper into the virtual world. Many small businesses are hurting for customers and therefore, struggle to ignite their online web presence. This sad fact can cause huge problems for any business trying to stay afloat. At One Spark Media, we tried to brainstorm a plan that would benefit businesses just like ours. Therefore, we asked ourselves this question: How can we help you ignite your online brand with zero upfront website costs? The answer we came up with was simple. Therefore, we are proud to announce our FREE WEBSITE STARTUP PACKAGE! That’s right. FREE!

A Free Website Startup? Is This For Real?

Yes and yes! Our hope was to create a way for small businesses to gain their full potential online with a brand new website design without having to pay thousands of dollars of upfront costs. To help explain in more detail, please take 60 seconds to watch this video about the Free Website Startup Package. Then continue on.

How Does the Free Website Startup Package Work?

In a nutshell, we build you an eye-catching website without the huge burden of upfront, overhead costs. We believe websites should be affordable as well as attractive. So, to benefit you, and still keep our lights on in the process, this program simply takes the full cost of the website and breaks it up into affordable, monthly payment installments for 36 months. You get your website. We help you ignite your brand. Everyone is successful and doing business. The process is truly that simple.

I Need Other Digital Content For My Branding. Do You Only Make Websites?

We're so glad you asked this question. At One Spark Media, we offer a wide-range of digital content that you can use to populate your website, social media channels, and even for print materials. We are proficient in Video Production (which we know is hugely "Essential" is this time of pandemic. So, you might want to give this one big consideration.), Graphic Design, and even Surreal Photography. If you are interested in any of these services as well, please make sure to specify that in the form down below. You can also use the above links to see samples of our work in those other books of business.

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

Awesome! We're so glad you're ready to ignite your brand online! Please take a moment to fill out the simple form below with your detailed information. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your submission and help you begin the process of getting your new website underway.

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