Speed Art: Does It Make Cents

In today's Speed Art video release, we are diving deeper into the picture than just mere digital artistry. This latest video takes a plunge into the heartbeat that inspired this picture.

The Story Behind the Art

There's an old saying that says "art imitates life". Such could not be more true than with the "Does It Make Cents" surreal photograph. This project, although seemingly less complex compared to some of the other art projects, carries far greater weight than just a picture. Most, if not all, of what we create has a theme or a concept behind the picture. That's a give me. However, this latest digital art piece has an entire background story...and it's one that you are NOT going to want to miss.

For sake of not taking anything away from the video, I am not going to describe the story here, except to say that it deals with myself as a young basketball player in high school, a wise and loving man, and a penny. Yup, a penny! There is a reason why I don a a penny necklace around my neck and today, you can find out why.

The Speed Art Video

With no further delay, please sit back, grab the family, and get ready for a new kind of Speed Art video. There is one warning however. Be careful when watching this video, it might just change your life.

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